we had a decent snow here a few months ago now and i grabbed a friend of mine and went out to radnor lake to take some photos before it all melted (and those of you from middle TN know that’s not a lot of time). we had talked about doing this for a long […]

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  • Jim Baker

    don’t you love friends that are willing to pose for you? i think thats one of the things i miss most about photo school… always having friends that were willing to go out and shoot and be shot.

    riley was a trooper today though… haha

    i love that we both have shot him before

    lookin’ fwd to kickin’ it in june.

    jim bakerReplyCancel

all photos copyright hannahelaine photography 2008song hearts of servants by shane and shane

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  • Bobby Earle

    Freaking awesome, Hannah. Seeing them celebrating their new beds is incredible. Job well done ;)


  • michaela potterbaum

    i have to agree with bobby. i love it.
    thanks for your work here. it shows, and its just the beginning…ReplyCancel

  • Krista Lee

    What great shots! Congrats on getting the opportunity to photograph this!!!ReplyCancel

you know how from time to time you decide to enter random contests, maybe just cuz you happen to be feeling lucky that day? i had one of those days not too long ago. and this time i actually won!!! the Jewish Federation of Nashville and Nashville Jewish Community Center was hosting a photo contest […]

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  • Jim Baker



  • bnlearle

    That photo TOTALLY deserved to win. One of my favorites by you :)

    p.s. you should go to the TriCoast workshop that’ll be in TN (I think in May?). Seriously, it was the best money I spent!


  • Anonymous

    That’s my girl!ReplyCancel

  • Jason

    Congrats Hannah, that is awesome!