it doesn’t snow very often in nashville. well, i take it back. it snows, but it never really sticks. normally that’s because it’ll go from being 70 degrees one day, to freezing and snowing 2 days later. no wonder everyone around here is always sick! but i digress…the moral of the story is…that it did […]

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  • Jim Baker

    SNOW! snows hard to shoot huh? darn medium grey… haha.

    i keep forgetting that its winter living here in hawaii…

    jim bakerReplyCancel

i have long searched both high and low for one of these babies, and FINALLY i found the perfect one: my brand new old typewriter!!!! i think i am in love… but here’s the kicker…more than it just being an awesome old typewriter that still works, it also happened to have belonged to a very […]

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  • Pat Rice

    I can’t believe you have john’s old computer. I saw him speak at Vanderbilt about Nashville in the 1960s during black history month. Then I saw him again on NPT talking about his experience again. *jealous* where the heck do you find such cool things?!ReplyCancel

  • Chris Bischoff

    well, ok… i have to answer your question (whether it was supposed to have been rhetorical or not)… you’re pretty danged cool… and for $20? nice.ReplyCancel

got yet another live show gig recently. these are old pals of mine. i have been promising them i would attend one of their shows for over a year now and hadn’t done it. of course, it takes the lure of my camera to get me to one. but better late than never i suppose, […]

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  • marsha

    These are really nice pictures. I like the black and white one the best.ReplyCancel