california wedding — brian + christina

y’all…i can’t even. brian and christina got married a few weekends ago and they picked the most perfect california coastal location anyone could ask for. brian is my husband’s cousin and so i’ve gotten to know him over the last decade since i met john and i couldn’t be happier to be a part of his sweet family. enter christina, my newest cousin, one of the most genuinely exuberant and sweet souls you could have the pleasure to meet, and — voila! match made in heaven. in 10 years of photographing weddings, this is my first california sunset opportunity and it did not disappoint. brian and christina chose an amazing location to seal their marriage, and to make it even better, they were surrounded by a crowd of some of the kindest, most wonderful friends and family to help them celebrate. it was such a great day and these pics barely touch the surface — i literally haven’t even included getting ready or ceremony pics yet!! — but i had to share these because it was just such a lovely day. couldn’t be happier for these two…check them out…

brian and christina, i’m so honored beyond measure to have been asked to shoot your wedding. so many more pictures to come, can’t wait to show you them all. christina — welcome to the family, we are thrilled to have you! stay tuned for the rest :)